Facebook Not all it’s Cracked Up to be for Business

Part of our philosophy at the C4AA is to meet people where they are, and, undeniably, hundreds of millions of people (and some bots) are on Facebook. However, looking at the statistics provided by Facebook, we’ve come to realize that the connection we were after isn’t actually made.
That’s why we’ve decided to stop putting effort into Facebook. The world’s largest social network has become an increasingly inhospitable place for nonprofits. – Why Facebook is a Waste of Time — and Money — for Arts Nonprofits

My wife has seen this over and over with the boutique businesses she serves. They invest in Facebook, then some algorithm changes or they wrong the big blue FB monster in some way they weren’t aware of.

All the followers are no longer accessible.

She’s seen a few shut down business after because they never had a relationship with their customer.

You need to make sure you own your relationship with your customers.

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