One reason people struggle to gain influence in their personal and professional lives is that they simply don’t ask for what they want. This is, in part, because people drastically underestimate the willingness of others to engage and help. – High Performance Habits

Here is a short list of who has helped me in 2018 already.

Johnathon helped me when I was having issues with my server and needed new hosting.

John helped me with SEO, and offered to do it again.

Philip Morgan and Eric Davis encouraged me when I was really low. They told me I was awesome and to keep going. This is not the first time they have done this for me.

Tom helped me by grouping me in with some people I admire in a recent blog post. He doesn’t know it, but it helped brighten a tough day.

There are others who helped me as well.

I’ve also had the chance to help many of these people above with marketing ideas, encouragement, sending them work…many other things for many other people.

Helping is awesome. I love to help people.

At 11pm in 2017 I helped a friend who had a crazy plumbing issue. We moved his appliances around so that his wife could sleep and had new ones installed before everyone in his house was up.

I was happy to help.

That’s the point. People are happy to help you.

The only reason you’re going it alone is because you have some crazy built up idea that you need to. That successful people go it alone.

They don’t. They get help. They ask friends to email their email lists.

Who are you going to ask for help today?

Have an awesome day.


PS: If you need help, feel free to book a FREE call with me. I’d love to help.

Photo by: pasukaru