We shouldn’t seek to find the ultimate “right” answer for ourselves, but rather, we should seek to chip away at the ways that we’re wrong today so that we can be a little less wrong tomorrow. – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F- – k

This begs the question, what did you do this week to figure out where you’re wrong? Which beliefs did you put to the test by reading what others have to say about it?

How are you going to do it next week?

Are you willing to put your closest held beliefs under the light so they can be examined? To challenge them so you can make better decisions?

Do you expose your business practices to peers so that they can help you get better where you’re weak?

Stop now and write down the three areas in your work and life that are weak. Put together a plan to make them better.

Have an awesome day


Photo by: 32482342@N05