If your organization wanted to replace you with someone far better at your job than you, what would they look for? – Linchpin

If you’re struggling with clients, ask yourself the same question the same question.

“If my clients wanted to replace me with someone far better, what would they look for?”

For many people, it would be someone that goes the extra mile. Someone that doesn’t just do the project, but knocks it out of the park.

Anyone can build a WordPress theme. Those services and freelancers are a dime a dozen. If that’s what you’re offering, the time for that being a big differentiator is long gone.

You’re mostly replaceable.

Helping your clients get a good site that meets their conversion goals, that’s something that is much less replaceable.

If you’re struggling to find clients, it’s likely because you’re mostly just a cog in the wheel to them. You provide little value outside of your typing skills.

What are you going to do this week to start to break out of that mould and bring more value to your services?

How are you going to tell people about it?

Have an awesome day


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