This whole post is awesome, but if I had to pick one section to read it would be the middle where Urban talks about pinpointing where you fall in knowledge on a topic and where your reader falls.

First, find yourself on the scale before digging into a complex idea.


The second person to plot on the scale is the recipient of the idea.

Jason and I had a discussion around the teaching on specialization recently. We both agreed that so much of the teaching says: “you need a niche so do it” and almost nothing we would find really gave you actionable things to go do.

It’s doing a great job at taking you from a 1 – 3, to use Urban’s ideas. Almost nothing takes you from 4 – 6, which is exactly what Urban says in the post I read later in the day.

How is your content taking your readers/watchers/subscribers/ideal client from a 4 – 6?

If you don’t know, go read the post again and start to figure that out.