I use a paper planner for my personal needs. There is no digital tool for managing internal projects it’s all on paper.

The only digital tools I use are for collaborating with clients and to manage my appointments so I don’t have to check and wrangle email.

Even then, all appointments make it back into my Bullet Journal.

I too have felt like I’m doing “more” without doing what was important. Digital tools make it so easy to push problems forward for future you until you’re so overloaded that it’s comical.

Clearly I’m not the only one.

Then the iPhone came out. Suddenly, the slew of apps in my pocket made it possible to do and keep track of much more than my little notebook used to allow me to do. But over the 10 years since, I’ve realized that while I may be doing more things with my time, I’m not always doing the best things with it. I’m often tackling the stuff that seems urgent at the expense of what’s actually important. – My First Month Using a Paper Planner After A Decade of Drowning In Apps

Next week you’re finally going to start seeing how I use a Bullet Journal and Trello.

I’d love to see your journals and hear how you’re using them as well.