I met many people through Twitter who became and remain important collaborators and friends. But the salad days of “blog to reflect, tweet to connect” are gone. Long gone. Over the last year, especially, it has seemed much more like “blog to write, tweet to fight.” – Back to the Blog

I never left and just realized that I missed my 10 years blogging anniversary at the end of an insane February.

I still get work from my blog both here and building membership sites. One client last year spent $15k with me after finding a blog post I wrote.

Blogging is great to clear your heard, something which you all get to enjoy. Blogging is also good for business.

Anyone can look back at my resume of thoughts and reading here. This is my CV, and people reach out to me because of it and give me work in various fields that relate to my writing.

I’ve also noticed that there is more linking going on again. I get more people linking to my work, and I’ve been finding more interesting reading to link to.

So, start your blog again. I think the only other platform you should look at for business purposes is YouTube. Being almost 40, it’s easy to underestimate it’s power. Most of the 20-somethings I know turn to YouTube first when they have a question.