Finding a good productivity system is so much more than the mechanics of whatever tool you use. In fact, almost every tool is more or less the same.

They have due dates, and start dates. You can organize things into projects and sub-folders. Some of them allow collaboration and some don’t. Some follow Agile methods or Kanban or some other productivity methodology.

In many ways, none of those methods matter for you either. No one can tell you that Agile always works because it doesn’t always. If your team hasn’t bought in 100% and doesn’t follow the methods described, then it won’t work for you.

The next 9 posts are all about the Key Concepts you need to address with your tools, and in yourself, if you want to do work that has value. If you’re not using these paradigms to evaluate the worth of your work and the tools that you use, then don’t expect to get work of value done.

Expect to get more of the same done, more email, more Facebook, more … nothing.

But if you’re reading this, nothing is not what you want. Take the time to read the Key Concepts and dig deep into what they mean for your work.

Have an awesome day!


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Photo by: s3a