Today I’m talking about a set of emails from Mario. Mario emailed me and said:

I started my business (development shop) last year and hired two developers to help me with the projects, I want to grow my business. Lately I’m getting trouble to get more leads (and projects) and now most of my revenue get spend on salaries and not much get left for me.
Sometimes it frustrate me that I do have a business; but now I have less time for me (and my family) and less money that if I be an employee.

So I asked him three questions:

  1. How are you specialized
  2. What types of projects do you excel at?
  3. What does your marketing look like?

I should have also asked him:

  1. What type of project do you love the most
  2. What type of project is the most profitable for your business?

Unfortunately like many freelancer’s Mario says he’s not specialized, he’s just taking whatever project comes his way. He has some projects that’s he’s best at, but has no marketing, he’s mostly getting referrals by talking to developers at user groups.

Today I’m going to talk about:

  • Don’t be embarrassed most freelancers are where you are with little marketing
  • Go over the resources below on building your niche expertise