Here’s a baseline fact about selling: People buy from people they like. You will never have the opportunity to pitch your products or services if you’re not first authentically connecting to your potential client. – From Frustrated To Frickin Awesome

Do you know who your audience is? Are you speaking to them?

A few months back I took the scary leap of talking specifically toward men. Even more specifically to fathers.

In that time I’ve had more polarizing feedback than at pretty much any other time in my business. I’ve had lots of comments from both men and women loving the content and the direction.

I’ve also had a few people tell me that my content is terrible. That they’ve been fooling themselves into thinking I provide any value at all.

My talk at WooConf 2017 had either 5’s or 1’s for ratings. There is no feedback in between. I was the only speaker that got polarized feedback like that.

I was either “awesome” or in the words of one person “a big jerk I’m surprised anyone would ever work with him.”

What Polarized Feedback Tells Me

This feedback tells me that some of the people that have been reading my site are no longer my customers.

It tells me that some people who watched me speak at WooConf, should never hire me as a coach.

It also tells me that those who are still here are in the ideal client profiles I want to serve. The people that thought I was awesome at WooConf, are my ideal clients.

That is exactly where I want to be. I want every reader on my email list to be a possible ideal client.

I want everyone that follows me after a talk to be someone that is ready to listen to what I have to say.

What use do I have for people in the middle that think the content is pretty decent?

Pretty decent doesn’t lead to sales. Pretty decent is an expense. Pretty decent costs me more in my Drip membership and in server costs.

Are you…

Are you clearly communicating to your ideal audience? If you’re company site says some variation of: “We build awesome WordPress sites” the answer is no.

You’re no different than almost everyone else out there. There is no compelling reason to choose you and your services.

You need to define your niche and your ideal client. You at least need to start working towards that niche.

I run BootCamp and it helps you define that niche and get your business on the track you dreamed of. If you have questions, book a call.

It took me years to get my development niche to membership sites.

It took me years to move from talking to ‘WordPress’ people to men to fathers. Every refinement felt scary. It felt as if I was saying no to so many people that could benefit from my work.

I was, and that is a perfect thing.

When you can target your marketing to a specific niche, it’s much easier to have them broaden it out for you.

They tell a friend about you that isn’t a 100% match, but close. That friend sees the value as well and tells another friend. You grow from the niche outwards.

But first, you have to do the hard work of narrowing down your focus so that your offerings are compelling to a small subset fo potential customers.

Have an awesome day


Photob by: bobsfever