Sure, some of the people in a market have considered you (and even rejected you). But most of the people in the market have never even heard of you. The market doesn’t have just one mind. Different people in the market are seeking different things. – The Dip

They haven’t heard of you because you’re a lame duck. Your marketing material is bland, just like everyone else.

Your blog is forgettable. We could switch the content with any number of other sites and no one would notice.

No one notices you because you’re boring.

Yup, that’s a problem and you need to solve it. You need to take a risk and go for that niche you’ve been thinking of.

You need to drop the clean marketing speak and start speaking to your ideal client directly in the tone they want to hear. The one that offends some others.

They weren’t your ideal client anyway.

I have a few questions that I ask myself when I get off the phone with a client by way of vetting them. The first, and probably the most important one is “did I laugh with the client?”

The second is, does it seem like they trust me?

Without these two questions answered in the affirmative, I don’t take the project. Be willing to tell your story and be you. Warts and all, people will still love you.