From Brent Simmons:

I’ve heard more than once that at WWDC we’ll learn about how we can run iOS apps on Macs.

I’m worried, of course, that this will lead to the further degradation of the Mac UI, and even less incentive for developers to write Mac apps.

I actually care less and less about macOS and traditional computing in general. I spend 99% of my work on my iPad Pro quite happily.

The windowing model of iOS means that I don’t easily distract myself. It helps me shape my path towards focus and writing and work.

I’d much rather see a few more powerful apps on iOS. How about full book layout from iOS? How about better support from Zoom for split screen so I can have a video call and take notes on my iPad?

Actually, that’s the only stuff I still need. I can already write blog posts and books, edit multi-track audio, reduce audio noise, edit and publish multi-track video, do design…all my work.

If you’re interested in the ideas around the windowing models we choose to work with influencing how much we actually stay focused, then watch this space. I’ve got another book coming that has a section dealing with it.