The new definition of success is not about the most revenue, employees, and office space but the most profit, generated through the fewest employees and with the least expensive office space. – Profit First

How have you define success in the past?

For me it’s sometimes been owning the latest and greatest Apple product. Finding the perfect single sticker for the back of my Mac was something I enjoyed.

Showing up and matching everyone else in silver seemed important. It made me feel successful because I could purchase the hardware.

Now I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t purchase anything from Apple. I’m still happy with a number of my Apple products. I am saying that a specific purchase should not be the definition of success.

If purchasing something is the definition of success, you’re doing it wrong.

If success needs to be something that others can see, check your motivations.

Find a new definition of success. For me it’s more about how much time I spend with my kids than what any external trappings are. It took me a while to get there, and still I want to show off my ‘success’ sometimes.

But I fight it and center myself on what success looks like.