Enjoyed the piece on how men change in fatherhood. The best part was the quotes from dad’s at the end around what changed in them.

“I do nothing I used to, I do things I never thought I would, I survive on less sleep than I ever thought and I love more than I believed possible.” Chris

I’ll add my own comment to that.

Being a father has meant that I get the chance to find joy in so many little things. From the way my youngest now cheers for us when we use the bathroom, because she’s potty training and we cheer for her. To the way my oldest is growing in to a fine young lady. To the way my middle kid is crazy and hilarious.

A day doesn’t go by without a smile as a result of my kids. True, frustrations happen every day as well, but the smiles far outweigh the frustrations.

I’m lucky to have my wife and my kids.