YouTube’s burnout problem.

Constant changes to the platform’s algorithm, unhealthy obsessions with remaining relevant in a rapidly growing field and social media pressures are making it almost impossible for top creators to continue creating at the pace both the platform and audience want — and that can have a detrimental effect on the very ecosystem they belong to.

I really think that we don’t know what social media and being “on” like social platforms want is doing to us.

When you perform a play everyday you are acting a set part that clearly isn’t you. Same lines day in day out with nuance in how you deliver. Being on YouTube is like coming up with a new play everyday.

Also, have you ever read the comments on YouTube? A cesspool of terrible scum. If people acted like that sitting in a theatre or watching some street performance most wouldn’t ever stand for it. People don’t do it because they put a real face to a person they see live instead of the vague feeling that someone isn’t real.

No it doesn’t surprise me at all that we see burnout. We will see more creatives crushed long before this has anything resembling a solution.