Bad clients happen. They still happen to me and I have a long developed client vetting process.

The thing is, each time it happens it’s your fault. You missed something about them that should have tipped you off. You rush through to the proposal so you didn’t have time to get to know them.

Don’t sweat the bad clients. Get the work done and then let them go.

The only thing you should sweat is: What will I learn from this?

If you can’t answer that question, you’re in trouble.

Over the years I’ve learned:

  • never jump through parts of the client vetting process
  • always talk to new clients and “older” returning clients on the phone
  • always work as a team on the proposal
  • talk about value and make sure they talk about value
  • at the end of every project, make sure you recap with yourself to see how you could have made it all go smoother

Have an awesome day!



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