As I’m working on my next book called Finding Focus, I have some questions for you dear reader. If you’ll please help me out and answer these 6 questions so I can make sure the book covers topics that are relevant to you.

This week was about pairing down a bunch of what I did because next week I’m gone to celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary. That means, 2 weeks of content needed to get ready this week.

What I Shipped

Monday I walked you through the filtering documents I build when I start a new notebook. These documents help me make sure that my business stays on track. In fact, I did these again last Friday when I changed to my newest Bullet Journal

Bad Clients Happen to all of us. Wednesday I talked about that and how I try to stop bad prospects from turning in to bad clients. Do you have any tips to help vet your prospects?

Thursday, I worked through Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit by Steven Pressfield. You can read it or listen to it. Make sure you don’t miss a book that matters by subscribing to Should I Read It

Freelance Friday Five

1. Want To Make Better Decisions? Do This – Darius Foroux

Interesting thoughts on how we put off decisions which makes them bigger decisions and harder to make. Decide early and decide often because then the decisions are easier and have less consequence.

 2. How I adjusted my startup life to become a hands-on dad

I also rarely go to Meetups or conferences that require travel because I want to be around with my kids. I never find events in my area that aren’t outside work hours, which means maybe I should start.

3. How Your Daily Routine Can Turn Into Your Biggest Enemy –

Does your morning routine hold you back? It can if you only have one according to Ryan Holiday. I currently have 2. On Tuesday and Thursday I drop my kids off at school which means a different routine than the preferred one on my other days of the week.

4. My Site is Complete, Now What? – CynthiaMcHale

My wife offers some advice for clients on what to do when the site is done. Look through her site and notice, she is writing for her clients. She doesn’t care what other WordPress people think because they won’t be buying her services. Can you say the same about your content?

5. Faith and Fatherhood – The Fit Father Project

Good discussion on faith and parenting. We go to church and have long before our kids were around. I admit to thinking hard about faith and what it means for me, yes that implies I’m questioning my faith. One thing we always say about our church is that we have no idea how people survive without connections like it. When we had kids people we have never talked to at church brought us food for weeks. People stopped by and took our kids out (we knew them). The support was and still is amazing. A community like it is amazing, and I have no idea where I’d find one outside of the church.