As I’m working on my next book called Finding Focus, I have some questions for you dear reader. If you’ll please help me out and answer these 6 questions so I can make sure the book covers topics that are relevant to you.

I spent most of this week away in Sechelt with my wife. I’m sure we went biking and running, but I’m writing this before we left because the time away is important and I’m not doing much work at all when I get back even though there are three work days.

What I Shipped

On Monday I walked you through the process I use to make sure that I’m solving the real problems in my business and not wasting my time on things that don’t matter.

Wednesday I talked about rest, funny that in a week that I’m actually resting. Of note is the discussion and differences I’ve seen working with European clients and North American clients. Can you guess which one puts a bigger priority on resting?

Thursday I took a look at Play Nice in Your Sandbox at Work which is a guide to negotiation. You can get it in audio format or written format. Make sure you don’t miss a book that matters by subscribing to Should I Read It.

Freelance Friday Five

1. The surprising science behind why ‘easy days’ and ‘hard days’ make a difference in your workout – The Globe and Mail

The same thing applies to being good at your work. When I’m working, that is what I’m focused on. When I’m recharging I’m relaxing and resting and not thinking about work. I get way more done not working weekends and evenings than I have very did trying to cram just a bit more work in.

2. Thinking, Shallow And Deep – Personal Growth – Medium

What is the quality of your thinking?
I said a while ago that the only freelance skill that will stay around forever is making good decisions. Are you equipped to make good decisions?

3. 4 Simple Mindset Shifts for Black Freelancers – BlackFreelance –

I hear it all the time (from women especially)…freelancers working 8 and 10 hours a day to do more, because if they just keep working harder and doing more eventually somebody will notice and give them a chance to earn what they deserve.
Like the post says, it’s not about working harder. It’s about aligning your skills with market demand.

Thanks @Lockedown_ for the tip on this one

4.How To Manage Your Mood – Darius Foroux

And no, it’s not a problemthat bad things happen. I’m not saying that we should avoid things that destroy our mood. That’s what weak people do
Great post about mood. How do you let it affect what you get done in the day?

5. Helping dads bond with their newborn babies – DaddiLife

Confession time, it was not until my oldest was 1 and my wife went back to work that I started to feel like we really bonded. It took say 8 months for the 2nd kid, and the third one happened within the first week or two.

With our first I felt bad about being a bad parent that loved their kid, but didn’t feel some deeper connection. Then I talked to other dads, and almost all of them said the same thing. That is my advice to new dads, if you don’t feel a connection right away, don’t sweat it. Dive in and participate and it will come.

Interesting note, the only child we didn’t have a grandparent basically move in for a month with was our last. It was so much work with 2 other kids needing stuff and still needing to handle clients, and caring for a new baby and my wife that needed help. Yet, I bonded with that last one pretty much right away. I wonder if the extra help meant I had less time to hold the baby early so it delayed the closeness?

Oh I’m happy for the help, but I wonder.