Is your inbox your boss?

While I may check email at some point any day of the week the only day I put effort in to clearing up what’s in it is Friday.

See Friday I’m between calls so there isn’t really much I can do once I start on the call and meeting bandwagon. I can’t write or do anything that takes deep creative focus. So I don’t bother.

I clear through my email and update my receipts.

Have I also mentioned that my voicemail on my phone says it’s broken so I can’t check it and you should email me. I don’t check my voicemail either.

Nor is there email on my phone. Oh, and it’s set to Do Not Disturb mode all the time and the only VIP is my wife, so no text messages interrupt me. Plus my phone is almost never in my pocket so I’m not tempted to check it.

I have a list every day of things that need doing and I do them. Sometimes before I leave email gets a chance, but most days it doesn’t.

Don’t let your inbox run your life. Don’t let your phone run your life.

In fact, this whole idea we’re discussing is what makes up the second part of my next book, tentatively called Finding Focus.

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