This was a great post and it comes at an interesting time. See I’ve got this video recorded uploaded and schedule for Wednesday that talks more about my failure/struggles.

It’s scary to have it ready since I’m using it as a push to talk with my wife about it. The video claims I have, but I knew I had to do that to force myself to say something to her.

I needed to push through how hard it is to broach the failure I feel and talk to someone that loves me and supports me.

At the same time Dan Blank shares about failure. I’ve also launched a course called Hope is Not a Strategy to no sign ups. This isn’t news to regular followers.

It’s not all daisies and roses. Some days are dark. It’s not always going to get better.

I aim for good support and 1% betterish every day. At least trying to make it 1% better.

That’s all I can do and that’s okay.