Please read the whole piece but a few highlights for me.

It’s not hard to understand why such a mythology serves the interest of money men who spread their bets wide and only succeed when unicorns emerge. Of course they’re going to desire fairytale sacrifices. There’s little to no consequence to them if the many fall by the wayside, spent to completion trying to hit that home run. Make me rich or die tryin’.

Them being VC’s

The sly entrepreneur seeks to cajole their employees with carrots. Organic, locally-sourced ones, delightfully prepared by a master chef, of course. In the office. Along with all the other pampering and indulgent spoils AT THE OFFICE. The game is to make it appear as though employees choose this life for themselves, that they just love spending all their waking (and in some cases, even sleeping) hours at that damn office.

I’ve been offered jobs before that talked much about this and balked at the thought I should go with my wife and kid to the doctor. That’s what my wife was for in their eyes.

In short, it’s a bad trade off so don’t make it. Do your work in a sane amount of time. If you can’t it says more about your effectiveness than anything else.