I get why people ask this question, they just don’t have a name yet. No one knows that they provide their services. The thing that Upwork and similar sites provide is clients looking for people to do work.

Drawbacks to Upwork and similar sites

  • clients often racing to lower pricing
  • you’re competing with lots of others
  • you’re going to clients so you’re not the expert

The Alternative to Upwork

  • branding your business
  • means you need to market
  • means you need to do more sales work

I’ve previously written about how to stand out as a WordPress Developer I’ll just recap them here.

  1. Wear Your Brand
  2. Niche Your Services
  3. Have an Opinion
  4. Have a Product
  5. Use Your Blog
  6. Contribute to Projects
  7. Don’t Talk like a Developer
  8. Have a Client Vetting Process
  9. Have a follow up Process
  10. Ship your Work on Time