They at least start to ask that question well here. But then they fail by saying that we should be moving a school day to work with a work day. We should be moving a work day to align with what we have for a school day now. We work way too many hours as it is, and we aren’t that much more productive for the extra time.

Business simply uses butt in chair time as an ineffective measure for productivity.

We’re super lucky that I can start super early and I like it. Then I can be done around 3 when my wife needs to head out to work.

In a traditional JOB, we’d incur hundreds of dollars a month in extra expenses for child care from 3-5 because most jobs wold never let me start early and cut at 3.

Now, the article does seem to mention in a poor light leaving your kids unattended at home. This is silly. Kids survived for decades without someone watching over them every second all day. We need to get over this nanny thing with kids.

They should be trying things out and failing, and not quite following our rules, as they learn what it means to be responsible for themselves. I don’t wonder why so many teens and 20’s struggle being out on their own. They were never trusted in small ways earlier in life. They never had to face consequences.