I love being iOS first in my workflows. Where macOS applications were big behemoths that were hard to use, most iPad apps are trimmed down and amazing. Unfortunately, sometimes, this trimming means you miss out on a few things though.

Part of my work is editing podcasts and while I love Ferrite, there are a few things missing in the keyboard shortcut department. If Ferrite could add these keyboard shortcuts, editing audio would become even faster.

First, I wish Ferrite could select a track under the indicator from the keyboard. I realize that you might have multiple tracks under the indicator so it might not be clear which track you should select. How about adding shift to the keyboard command to start at the bottom and then every time you press it the next track is selected.

Second, while Ferrite allows you to change how tracks are selected when you’ve split audio, I wish that you could select a section of audio forward or back of the indicator on the currently selected track. Most of the time when I split audio, I want to delete the piece that is closer to the beginning of my project. But sometimes, I want to select the section of audio towards the end of my project. I’d love a single keyboard command that toggle which section was selected and stayed on the same track.

Third, I love ripple delete in Ferrite and hate that I can’t accept the option from the keyboard. I can delete a track and then I have to move from the keyboard back to the screen to accept ripple delete for the tracks.

Fourth, why can’t you bring up the import menu from the keyboard? I’m not sure about other’s workflows, but I’m regularly importing the next section of audio. Then editing, and importing another piece. Let’s get a keyboard command to make this faster.

Finally, why can’t you micro-adjust the settings for the filters? The noise gate is great, if I can possibly get it set properly. More often I changes from 1% to 3% then 0% as I try to get it just right. 0% is clearly wrong and 3% cuts off a bit of audio. Sometimes I just give up on it and deal with a bit of background noise because wasting another 15 minutes getting the setting right is not worth it.

Also sometimes the CMD delete key to delete selected track stops working for no reason I can figure out. This may be an iOS thing or it may be a Ferrite thing. The only solution I can find is to save the project and then bring up the “@todo what’s the name for the app switcher thing”. Then quit Ferrite and open it again. This is extra odd because the rest of the keyboard commands continue to work, it’s just the single CMD+delete that stops working.

Yes I’ve spent this whole post telling you about the issues I have with Ferrite. The thing is, I love Ferrite. It’s so much better for what I need than any other audio editor I’ve ever tried to work with.

If you’re doing some podcast editing, then you should take a look at Ferrite as a tool your toolbox. It’s awesome.