Apple Watch Series 4 – Why Not Just Disconnet?

Where Patrick was excited about this final paragraph in Shawn’s article, I’m wondering why we can’t just disconnect?

It allows me to leave my smartphone at home but still be reachable by text or phone (and I can still stream music to my bluetooth AirPods if I’m at the gym or driving the CJ), but I don’t have the entire Internet in my pocket. And there is just something liberating about being out and about without having email, Twitter, Instagram, and the like at my fingertips.

I have a Suunto Ambit 3 Peak which does have some notification features but is mainly a specialist running watch. It’s so nice to head out with just that on my wrist and enjoy outside with no option to connect or listen.

We don’t always need to fill space. We don’t always need to have a way for people to steal our attention. People got along fine off-roading and climbing and running without any extra devices.

We still don’t need them, buts it’s easier to have them around and keep our space filled.

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