While the whole article isn’t about supporting the work of other creatives you like, that’s the part that stuck out to me in this excellent post by Justin Jackson.

“Supporting the work” is what Paul Jarvis wants to enable on Pico; a platform where readers pay writers monthly.

“Supporting the work” is why I buy Tracy Osborn’s books, support Freek on Patreon, and back MxPx’s Kickstarter. It’s why I happily pay for Gravity Forms, Screenflow, and Descript. I’m glad that folks have made these things. I want them to keep going!

Supporting the work of others is why I link to lots of other people I have respect for. It’s why I refer work to other freelancer’s that I could do.

When I talked about blogging not being dead, it’s just that you don’t value it, one of the suggestions I made if you’re not going to write was to support the writing of others. Comment on their posts, share them, link to them.

Getting some feedback is crucial to creatives. You can see some of the feedback that has kept Justin going in his post.

Which creatives have you told to keep going this week? Which one’s are you going to tell to keep at it?