So a weighted blanket it is. “We’re not understanding how to deal with mental health. Instead, we’re throwing products at it,” says Beautiful Voyager’s Arthur. “It’s very American.”

This was an interesting piece on the rise of spinners and blankets to help reduce stress and anxiety. While I don’t have a specific device to fidget with, I do have a paper clip that’s followed me around every office. I play with it during calls.

I wonder if buying more “stuff” is actually contributing to the anxiety since it doesn’t ever turn out to be the magic pill we hoped it would be at first.

I’ve been feeling stressed lately and one of the ways I fidgeted was looking back at productivity tools as if they’d be some magic pill to solve the problem. I’ll write more about this, but they aren’t. It was just a sign that I was overloaded.

Maybe looking for the next toy to reduce stress is just a sign that you need to say no more?