Quite a while ago I found Unread, based on the recommendation of The Sweet Setup. It quickly became the reading experience by which I judged all other reading experiences. Where Instapaper and Pocket had once looked beautiful, they now feel like they lack in their typography and design.

Unread is not all daisies and roses though for someone that’s iOS first and almost always has a keyboard attached to their iPad. If you want to keep your hands on the keyboard as much as possible, Unread is lacking.

Sure Unread has lots of Gestures. Yes, you can copy a link along with a one-liner and the title from a post all in one shot, but no keyboard commands are almost a deal breaker.

One of the other features that Unread is missing is the ability to update the feeds you follow. Unread is merely a feed reader. You can’t add a feed or remove a feed. That leaves RSS power users like me with a second feed reader install (Reeder in my case) to handle subscriptions for my feeds.