Adobe did a survey and in total we check email 5.6 hours a day.

Holy crap this is crazy. I just checked Screen Time on my phone and my 7 day total is 5 minutes. Now my phone is not my main computing device.

Checking in with my iPad I have a total of 3 hours of email in the last 7 days.

I do like seeing my numbers be so low. No there is not email on my Mac because it hasn’t been turned on this week.

Here is Cal Newport’s conclusion on email and it’s value…rather lack of value.

No one doubts the reality that it’s more efficient to hit “send” than to print a memo or mail a letter, but as observations like the above become more extreme, the claim that email is a straightforward productivity booster has become increasingly indefensible — the dynamics at play are more complex and decidedly dire.

We cannot, in other words, escape the necessity to radically rethink how we work in the age of computer networks. To use a metaphor appropriate to the October season: survey results like those reported by Adobe are making it unmistakably clear that Frankenstein’s digital monster has escaped the lab.

Thanks to Cal Newport for pointing this out to me.