So the dockless scooters are helping homeless people move around.

When I was on Vancouver Island last summer I saw many signs that hitchhiking was illegal and big fines would happen.

The last two winters have seen unusual amounts of snow in Chilliwack that wasn’t cleared from side streets or sidewalks for weeks on end.

In one scenario my wife and I had a long discussion about criminalizing the mobility of people. If you don’t have a car and can’t afford the bus, stay at home. No travelling by thumb.

In the second, if you don’t have a car that can handle a foot of snow, wait a day or two till people that can have packed it down. Then you can start going about your business again.

Wait, ride a bike? Well sucks to be you for a few weeks. Use a mobility aid like a scooter, we don’t actually care about your mobility.

I keep seeing towns neglecting the mobility of so many. This needs to stop.