This article by Darius Foroux got me thinking more about my reading schedule.

My current aim is to read a single book a week. As you can see on my Goodreads Profile, I’ve been averaging more than that for a few years. What I haven’t done is re-read the best books, and I rarely read on paper anymore.

Onward for 2019

In October 2018 I’ll be moving and have my own office so let’s make a few changes to my reading plan going forward.

1. Purchase some Paper

First off let’s purchase some paper. About five years ago I got rid of most of my paper books. I was tired of storing them and didn’t re-read most of them. They were mostly mass market paperback copies and…well I didn’t like looking at them.

Going forward I’m going to purchase copies of my favourite books in high-quality hardcover versions. I’ll put them in my new office. Since it won’t be a shared room anymore, I can set it up as I want and have some good space for books.

I do have a few books to add already that I did keep during the purge but I have a bunch to purchase as well.

2. Re-Read my Favourites in dead tree

While I’ve written extensive reviews of many of the books I’ve read, paper copies will give me a chance to engage again with the material. I plan to highlight and take notes in the books that I purchase.

It will be interesting to go through a book and then look back at my initial thoughts on it. Will I highlight some of the same stuff or nothing the same at all?

The Books I’ll Be Purchasing

I’m sure there are a few more, but those stick out to me right now. Yes I’ll still keep doing the book podcast. Yes, I still plan on reading 52 books a year, but some are going to be repeated so the podcast my slow down a bit in new content. Or maybe it would be interesting to hear what I thought of a book the second time around?

Photo by: kthai