Justin Tadlock Turns off Comments

And another person turns off comments. If you come to this site, you’ll clearly see I still have them on. Most people don’t use them. I’ve rarely encountered the assholes of which Justin speaks, and I never deal with the spam. Akismet takes care of it for me so I don’t even have to worry about it.

One thing I have noticed is that comments have become fewer and further between. Like he says, people talk about the content elsewhere. Or, maybe they just fav a Tweet or like a Facebook post and say nothing.

I vote for the latter two options.

People are lazy. Making a comment, or gasp as Justin says, writing your own response post is too much work for so many. It’s easier to read a title and then dash off a click as a vote of support and move on to consuming some other click bait content.

I’m keep comments up, unless they become a problem.