Steve Leveen on Well-Read Life:

From what I’ve seen, our chameleon screens are distracting many of us much of the time. To actually get work done, some of us, including me, try to apply some discipline. We may try to check email only at certain times of day. We may intentionally go offline. We may even try to use software to shield us from other software, although this seems like asking the family dog to watch a house full of teenagers.

This feeling is why I use a Bullet Journal to run my Web Business. It’s why I wrote a whole book on Analogue Productivity. It’s why I plan my week in advance on paper every Friday and write down my tasks at the end of the day for the next day.

There are great uses for technology. I rely on Trello to collaborate with my clients.

I even use my Bullet Journal to sketch out data relationships when it doesn’t instantly come to me as I’m working.

Paper is a great piece of technology we should be using. Screens are not always the answer.