So about Sketchnoting:

I like to call sketchnotes notes plus because they’re just like the notes you take now, with drawings, icons, and lettering added for emphasis. The addition of visual elements help you remember ideas more clearly and make note-taking more fun.

Sketchnoting is all about being in the moment and relying on your mind to tell you what’s important or interesting so that you capture what resonates with you.

The last 2 conferences I was at I took my iPad but kept it in my bag. I only took notes in talks with a pen and paper. Not Sketchnotes (though I have been interested in them) but actual written notes.

The only hard part was grabbing the sites that were referenced in technical talks. What I came down to was making a note to reference the slides and a hint about which site it was I wanted to see later.

All told, both of those conferences I walked away with more useful content that I went back to than any other conference I’ve attended.