I heard about Scene on Radio when their series on Seeing White came out. It’s on my list to listen to, but I also saw their season on Men was currently going so that’s where I started.

Now, I’m a white dude, which puts me at the most advantage possible. The author’s do acknowledge that everyone has stuff their working through. That most people (even white guys) have hurdles that seem crazy sometimes. It’s certainly not been a white guy bashing parade, but they are calling out many ways in which men, and white men, do have an advantage.

They also spent an episode examining how manhood differs for Black or Asian men. They looked at where the trope of the gross Asian man came from (it’s the fault of white dudes).

I admit that parts of it have made me a bit angry. All I can say is that I’m working to take the perspective of others and I’ll be listening through this again because I need to hear it.

It’s quite likely you do as well…so you can listen to the whole series here.