With 2019 approaching I’m looking at how I’ll be breaking in my new Bullet Journal. Let’s take a look at how I have started my Journal in the past and what I’m planning on changing for 2019.

I’ve typically started with the three exercises I have in my Business BootCamp course.

  • 5 Year Life
  • 4 Quadrants
  • Antigoals

I have done little reflection on the past during this setup. I keep looking forward and moving forward to steal an idea from Meet The Robinsons.

This year my 2019 planning started in November because I was feeling angry. Angry at my wife and my kids. Angry at life in general. I needed to figure out why because it’s not okay for me to be a bear.

Between Christmas and New Year’s I’ll be taking time off work. One of those days I’ll head to the coffee shop down the road to dig in with my notebook to think about how I liked, or maybe didn’t like, the year. I’ll spend some time doing this for the business, thinking about the projects that will push my work forward the best, and then my wife will join me for some thought about the family.

I know one of my family things will be that we didn’t get out in the backcountry enough.

How are you starting your 2019 Bullet Journal?

Photo by: clement127