Jamie Todd Rubin on his Bullet Journal:

Almost at once, I saw exactly where a Bullet Journal would fill a desperately needed gap: the One Book to Rule Them All.

Jamie gives us a history of his notebook usage before showing us how a Bullet Journal fills the holes he kept finding in his day. A seemingly Bullet Journal shaped hole.

I currently have my Bullet Journal, but if I’m heading out the door and want to go light I’ll grab a Field Notes book to act as a way to grab anything that’s needed. I quick grocery list will end up here if I’m heading out to get groceries because the whole Bullet Journal is just cumbersome to wrangle on a shopping cart.

My other notebook is my reading notebook. All my book notes start here, then migrate to digital places and end up in reviews.

If you’re wondering why I’d choose a notebook over software, I wrote about that. Maybe the biggest reason is that by default a notebook says no to a task. If you don’t decide to move it forward in a book, or to a new notebook, it doesn’t hang around bugging you.