Or really, do anything well Kris Gage has a thought when someone asks him what the secret is:

And right as I start to wonder if they Might Be On To Something Here, I go check their post history, and half the time I see that they rarely write. So I then I point out this “fantastical mystery” (reminder: it’s “write”) to them, like “uh. yo dawg — the most important part of writing is writing so, like, are you even trying?” — an “insight” that leaves them awestruck and me wondering how they even function day to day.

Yeah, do the damn work. If you want to create great YouTube videos, or podcasts, or write books then start. Do some of the work and try to improve. Pick out the parts that didn’t go well and then try to fix them.

There really isn’t a secret, except for maybe that you’re damn lazy and are looking for excuses to not do work.