Great video shared on Signal V. Noise.

Monday I shared what went well and what was bad about my 2018. One of my conclusions is that I’m way to busy, in that I feel rushed so much of the time. This isn’t a good thing.

I say this in the midst of a week where I’m doing calls for a client to help them understand their customers so that we can develop content for them. I look at my week and I have 5 – 8 calls booked in it. In fact, the first week we took calls I really hadn’t blocked out any time for myself and being slow.

I quickly fixed that for the second week and all weeks moving forward but I instantly felt fear at how much was going on when I saw what was on my calendar that first week.

If the statement that “busy is the new stupid” is true, what is your intelligence at right now? Do you have the time needed to think? Would you like it? I’d love to help.