DHH writes:

But as The Great Divide points out, regression is lurking, because the industry is making it too hard to work directly with the web. The towering demands inherent in certain ways of working with JavaScript are rightfully scaring some designers off from implementing their ideas at all. That’s a travesty.

I know as Gutenberg has come out for WordPress I’m evaluating if I really want to dive in and build all this JS crap1 and learn it all again. I still think that the web should be some server language (PHP being my choice), HTML, CSS and then some JavaScript for a bit of extra flourish. You don’t need the JavasScript, but it all works just a bit nicer if you have it.

I can say, I don’t love where the web is going and I’m investigating leaving WordPress as my content platform, and possibly my work in 2019. I’ll still write about it, but I’m not sure about my longevity with the code aspect of it.

In fact, that’s one of the things that appeals about a different CMS, not knowing it so I don’t get tempted to fiddle with stuff I shouldn’t bother with.

  1. I suppose it’s not crap, but I feel icky using JavaScript as much is everything calls for now.