Nick at Pixel Envy after reading this article.

This is almost a better response than if Apple pulled Facebook’s apps from the App Store. It doesn’t impact typical users at all, but it sounds like it’s causing chaos within the company. And Facebook got themselves into this mess because their internal apps use the same enterprise certificate as their creepy VPN app. Hilarious

Since our governments don’t care to do anything to stick it to companies that founder care less about our privacy it’s nice to see someone making it more than mildly awkward for Facebook. It seems that when any regulatory body calls Facebook out for being terrible it’s like that time you had to admit to your parent that you are the candy when you weren’t supposed to.

Yes it felt bad in the moment but give it 5 minutes and the feeling goes away. I do hope1 that this brings some change at Facebook but I doubt it.

  1. Likely in vain because there seems to be an institutional problem at Facebook