From Shawn asking himself a question as he makes decisions in his company:

Is this a vote toward the type of work environment I want to have in 20 years?

Yes Shawn has a team at The Sweet Setup1, but I don’t think there is any less importance to be given to your decisions just because it’s you. What if I told my wife and 3 kids that I’d worry more about the culture and company I was building once I had employees that had kids to think about?

If you were to look at the amount of work you are doing, and the pace at which you doing that work, would it be something you would still want to be doing in 20 years from now?

To Shawn’s question I’d have to answer maybe. The thing is I feel like there are things I have to say yes to to pay bills still. I don’t get to go create what I want every day all day without needing to conform to the schedule of others. Maybe one day I’ll get there, but next week is not that week.

What can you do this week to make a step closer to the business you want to run?

  1. Yes I am one of the contractors that writes code and words for them.