From Jason:

As I wrote earlier this month, I ended up finishing my Six Colors Report Card story on the Mac because I ran into several roadblocks when I tried to finish the project on my iPad.

He has a bunch of minor things that he couldn’t “just do” on an iPad and so…he went back to macOS. I think his last paragraph is telling though.

This is perhaps my final lesson from this process : That I can work around most, if not all, of the roadblocks that iOS places in front of me. It might take an app I’ve never heard about, a feature of an app I rarely use, or hours of hacking together scripts based on code samples found in Google searches, but I can probably make it work. That’s not necessarily an endorsement—in the end it was far easy for me to go back to the Mac, where I’ve assembled all the tools I need to do my job over more than two decades. It’s a reminder that as appealing as working on my iPad is, there are still rough areas that I’m much more comfortable handling on my Mac.

As I read this section it seems a bit like you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Not that I’m implying Jason can’t learn, but that he has already solved all these issues on his Mac over the decade of working on it and learning to solve them again seems like way too much work.

We all fall into that space in different places. Where we once dug deep into something, we have stopped digging and are happy with whatever we have. Learning has stopped unless forced upon us.