Read Leiden writes:

The dominance of Chrome has a major detrimental effect on the Web as an open platform: developers are increasingly shunning other browsers in their testing and bug-fixing routines.

I’m not so sure about this, though I do think that we need browser diversity. I wonder what it would take to have the EU force Google to offer a “lottery” of alternate browsers in it’s search just like it force Microsoft to do in it’s operating system.

Sure you can choose a different search engine, but Google is the default and as much as I love DuckDuck Go, there are still times I have to turn to Google to get what I want.

Of note, I’m a Firefox user. After years of Chrome eating all the RAM I had Firefox Quantum was fast and awesome. Even with the issues of iOS not letting my specify a browser as default outside of Safari, more and more apps are letting my tell them which browser I prefer.