Kevin Rose for The New York Times:

For the rest of the week, I became acutely aware of the bizarre phone habits I’d developed. I noticed that I reach for my phone every time I brush my teeth or step outside the front door of my apartment building, and that, for some pathological reason, I always check my email during the three-second window between when I insert my credit card into a chip reader at a store and when the card is accepted.

I keep finding that having my phone in my pocket is a terrible thing. I reach for it in a minute of boredom and I don’t even have social media or email on it. I do check RSS feeds just in case someone has written something excellent.

I’m working to remember to put my phone in my bag loose with the rest of my stuff so that I have to put my bag down and fish it out to do anything with it.

If you’re looking for a good read on cutting screen time then I just finished Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and very much enjoyed it’s balanced approach to getting away from the pull of the screen. Yes, I’ll be writing more on it in the next while.