Cal Newport:

This latter point is one that we parents sometimes don’t want to hear, but it keeps coming up in my conversations: if you carry your phone with you at all times, checking it constantly, it’s difficult to convince your kids not to do the same, no matter how many rules you set or warnings you deliver.

Reminded me of a comment from a few weeks ago on a post where I talked about cutting my digital time to show my kids. While the commenter says that my kids should listen to dad and I “work” on my devices, I don’t work on my devices while watching Netflix. Some YouTube consumption is work, and some is to fill boredom.

My Kindle feels different to me because I’m only reading when I’m on that, and thus I let my kids read on Epic! because it’s Nextflix for books for kids.

I stand beside the statement, and it’s supported here by Newport, that if I want my kids to stop bugging me about devices I need to not show them that it’s okay to wake up and get on my devices. Forget this “do as I say” stuff, they’ll learn from the example I set.