Caroline Criado Perez:

Going back to the theatre of Man the Hunter, the lives of men have been taken to represent those of humans overall. When it comes to the other half of humanity, there is often nothing but silence. And these silences are everywhere.

I feel like I’m more attuned to this with 3 girls as children than I ever was before. The article goes on to address how crash test dummies representative of only men increase female fatalities. How stab vests designed to fit men don’t protect female officers.

Being a dude I didn’t even think about some of the things mentioned here as designed to fit men, like:

  • a standard brick which most men can get their hand around, but not women
  • a standard A1 portfolio
  • standard diameter wrenches and tools
  • standard safety clothing NOT designed for women’s hips and bust

We’ve got a long way to go.