Matt says:

Many of you know I took February off from social media. A little over a week through March and I’ve given very little of my time back to it. Here are a few tactics I’ve used to limit the temptation.

  • Removed Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Chrome, Slack, and Amazon from my phone. Basically the ones sucking up my attention (more in a sec).
  • Moved Instagram to a “folder” named TIME SUCK with other mobile-only yet distracting apps. Moved the folder to a back screen on my phone.
  • Set a time limit of 15 minutes for Instagram and Safari.
  • Only log in to Twitter using TweetDeck, which I promptly close after each (short) visit. I also moved the public timeline out of view and look at my notifications first. If there’s nothing new, then close the app.

I’ve done a bunch of similar things which I’ll be talking about in an upcoming post/video.

How are you keeping your social media and distraction time under control?