In Mother Jones, yup that’s an Apple News link sorry:

► Facebook’s security chief investigated, as early as the summer of 2016, how the platform was being manipulated by Putin’s minions. Yet as late as April 2017, Facebook still downplayed and scrubbed his analysis of what the Russians had done
► Likewise, Sri Lanka begged Facebook to help rein in anti-Muslim propaganda, with little response, until violent mobs ransacked Muslim homes and businesses and the government shut down access to Facebook entirely—whereupon the company finally reacted
► Last fall, Facebook chose the day before Thanksgiving to admit what it had thunderously denied for a week: that it had retained a conservative oppo firm (that maintains its very own fake-news site) to dig up dirt on its critics and link them to George Soros, the favorite target of anti-Semitic haters

There is a bunch more in the article about how messed up Facebook is and yet people keep going back to it. From the outside it seems like an abusive spouse that is occasionally nice. Sure 90% of the time they’re terrible, but you stay for that 10% that it sort of okay.

I also read yesterday that Facebook is making it harder to find it’s old commitments as it’s deleted content. Yes problems happen with data sometimes, but with the track record of Facebook it’s hard to see anything but malicious intent here.

I have heard arguments that some people can’t leave Facebook and the ability to do so is one of privilege. Since I’m a white dude that’s self-employed, I’m in that privileged group and I think that anyone in this group should be leaving Facebook. Otherwise you’re knowingly supporting an abusive regime that doesn’t have any of it’s users best interests at heart.