Yup it’s a kid in the Disney family on how wealth affected her dad and the two different families that she grew up in as the wealth took a big jump.

It wasn’t just the plane, but it’s not a small thing when you don’t have to be patient or be around other people. It creates this notion that you’re a little bit better than they are.

Also this is great

I’ll tell you this: I could be a billionaire if I wanted to be a billionaire, and I’m not because I don’t want to be a billionaire.

Her thoughts on the morality of money and what it has to do with your personality.

I keep trying to tell them that money is morally neutral. It does not, in and of itself, make you a bad person. It also does not, in and of itself, makes you a good person. You are who you are and the least important thing about you is what you have.